Landed cost GL OOB

We are on Vantage 8.03.404B, and recently tried utilizing the landed costs function in container entry. What we ran into are out of balance conditions in the GL where Vantage appears to be missing the debit side of the entry in the Recovery account. Has anyone implemented landed costs and made it work, or are we just not looking at this right?

By the way, Vantage support has had this request since 5/10, and never responds, even after multiple requests for a status update. We even tried setting a follow-up call with a supervisor, and she missed the call and won't even respond to requests to reschedule. And this is what we get after paying $28K annual support and maintenance! The sad part is this sort of response is the norm with Epicor for our company. Even their CAM's only call back when we need more licenses and there is money to gain for them. Unbelievable. Sorry for the vent, but it does feel better.