Last Pass Breach and why you should switch

I’m sure those who use it have heard by now that last pass lost all our vaults. I was fine with that since my password is pretty good and I assumed everything was encrypted after doing some research and getting some feedback from some folks in the security world that I follow I no longer feel that way. Here’s the post that changed my view

I foolishly thought the entire vault was encrypted it isn’t… that alone is enough for me to walk away

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Wonderful. Those note fields and metadata could doom a lot of people, including me.


Yeah, way worse than I had imagined. That was a very nice write up by Jeremi.

Keeping secrets is hard. :person_shrugging:

#TeamDashlane and #Bitwarden

If you really care about .NET then Bitwarden. If you want simplicity then Dashlane. I use both. I also just happen to be a new Contributor to Bitwarden too!

The nice thing about Bitwarden you can self-host the Server too, and its open source. Even Hitachi forked them and rebranded it all and is doing their own cloud selling lol. Tesla or SpaceX uses them too, I know because they were building a proprietary Tesla Cipher or something like that.

I’m going 1Password cause UX for Bitwarden is :face_vomiting: I also like their dual key feature

Now that I’ve been at this for a few hours changing all passwords everywhere I have to say to Last Pass
t(0-0)t :fu::fu::fu::fu::fu:

damn this is a pain in the ass

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Are we talking credential managers for the Enterprise or Individual?

One of the nice thing about an enterprise version, is we can actually know the external systems people login into: customer portals, supplier portals, banks, etc.

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I’ve been a LastPass customer since like 2013/2014. This latest breach is pretty bad. I’ve been on the fence about switching but I think I’m going to. I’ve defended and supported LastPass through all their breaches. But, I think this is it. What is everyone else using/switching to?


So cheap, so easy. I have more password post-its in my wallet than I do cash.

I think the world is coming full circle. We used to carry pocket phone books with alphabetic index. Now we will have to start carrying pocket password books.

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