Launching another instance of the same program, throwing a message

I have a customization on top of a program, and buttons which launch another customization on the same type of program. The customization that does this has been in place for quite a while, but for some reason now starts to show a popup when one of the buttons are clicked (that launches the other customization on the same program) with a message that says “Attempting to launch Ice.UI.UD01Entry from itself is not logical. Do you want to launch a new instance?” with yes/no buttons.

I’m quite aware of the fact that clicking Yes will allow processing to continue as expected, but I have end-users who are complaining about this, and reporting it as an error. Is there a way to suppress this?

A little more background on this. I’m using the UD01 Entry program as a sort of “blank slate” type of program, to build new programs off of via customization. So the system is launching a UD01 program from another UD01 program, but the customizations associated to the two are so vastly different they’re effectively different programs.

Here’s how the new item is being opened:

LaunchFormOptions launchFormOptions = new LaunchFormOptions();
launchFormOptions.ValueIn = "RecordToLoad:" + projectID + ";";
ProcessCaller.LaunchForm(oTrans, MyCustomMenuID, launchFormOptions);

Hi @Mia I know it’s been a while, but did you ever figure out how to suppress this? I’m in the same situation. Seems like launchFormOptions.IsModal = true;
helps, if you want run that way, but eventually the message will still get thrown.