Launching Specific Epicor Module From Shortcut?

Is there a way to launch a specific Epicor Module (as well as any arguments) from a Shortcut, CMD line, Powershell, etc?

Let’s say I wanted to open Supplier Entry. (And further, if I could specify Supplier ID 10145, that would be ideal)… The logic behind the command would be something like:
“…\epicor.exe” /config=EpicorTest10.sysconfig /module=supplier /ID=10145

Is there anywhere to tap into the logic behind Epicor’s module calls, or see a full list of arguments that can be passed to epicor.exe?

Any thoughts?

You can add /MENUID=XXXXX to have Epicor launch a specific menu, normally this is used to launch a specific SubMenu so a user only sees that tree structure.

The System Administration Tech Ref Guide has listings of all the arguments.

Or You can use “Record to File” option from menu File in any Epicor Windows, this option generate a .sysconfig file with all parameter, later you must open using epicor.exe program


this is actually how the information worker product does it. I have some old, c# code around somewhere to do this. I’ll see if I can dig it up when I get home. No promises on quality =)

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Thank you for the response! I didn’t have any luck passing the MenuID in through the shortcut, though. Maybe they’ve deprecated use. A couple others gave me some ides that I’ll try out, thanks again!

Oh, very nice! I didn’t know the Record to File existed. Depending on the file type it saves as, I should be able to associate that file type with Epicor.exe on the computers that I’ll be executing this code from. This might be just what I’m looking for, though I may have to play around with injecting a PO Number, for example, into the stream, but it’s a great start, thanks!

Anything would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Basically, the .sysconfig file is a XML, and at the end of file are settings for shortcut to open the menu option and the record too.

the screenshot example its for open the group ID “HCTEST” in AP Invoice Entry window

Yes, you can associate the sysconfig file with Epicor.exe, or you can config an Epicor shortcut icon using the Epicor.exe patch and /config=myrecordtofile.sysconfig

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Fantastic! I think this will work. I built a web page that taps into the SQL DB and lets me email Sales Order Acknowledgements, Purchase Orders, and AR Invoices (basically so I don’t have to buy APM and can wait until Epicor Advanced Printing gets overhauled in the upcoming release).

What I was hoping for was a way to click a hyperlink within my webpage (for example) to Sales Order 200002, and have Epicor open whatever Sales Order I click directly into Order Entry.

[RecordID]200002[/RecordID] looks like the way to pass the record into the .sysconfig file after doing a little testing. (Edit: I just realized you did that with HCTEST)

I will code my webpage to build the .sysconfig file dynamically depending on what’s clicked with the appropriate RecordIDS and RecordID inserted. The user will then be prompted to open the .sysconfig file, and after associating with Epicor.exe, it should work perfectly. As a bonus, it appears that it will open the .sysconfig file without creating a duplicate instance of Epicor.exe if the program is already running.

You’re absolutely brilliant, thank you so much!

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Do you have Epicor Web Access?, if you have it, you can open records using links like this:


That’s good to know. I haven’t looked into web access yet… We’re a couple months from Go Live, and I’m just trying to put a few stop gaps in place. Thanks for the info!

Love this site :slight_smile: No need for my old sample then. Teach me to take my time digging it up :slight_smile: