Lead time not pulling through on PO?

Epicor version 9.05.701

We have put on a purchase order for part W3867 and expecting on the line for a leadtime of 25 days to pull through.
This is what data is on
a) part plant.
b) the supplier price list.

However the PO line doesn’t represent this, please can you advise?

We don’t get data in that field either, despite having it setup on the part / site tab, in both normal and urgent planning sections, using manual line entry and using “buy” on a PO suggestion. However, the due date does get calculated on the release based on the lead time.


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I believe that this might be a bug I have recently seen (and reported)… Note that the Urgent Planning lead time says zero? If you put values in urgent planning, I think that it may be correct (BUT I MIGHT BE REMEMBERING WRONG).

I think this is a bug as Tim rightfully says but a bizarre one…after doing some digging i found that the problem came from supplier price list, essentially I cant change the fields effective date or leadtime, …the date field doesn’t even have a dropdown facility and the leadtime doesn’t seem editable.
After reviewing more im thinking this may have been data that has been put into the system before we went live so it may have been DMT’d in with the wrong format?..not sure as its over 4 yrs ago.
When i manually added the part to a different supplier and then put on a PO it worked first time…so the “bug” appears to be something to do with supplier price list.