Lead Time - Purchase Direct

> I could use some help please.
> We just converted to Ver 4. I have users that (I believe), found a bug in
> Ver. 3, and was using it to their advantage.
> They would go into Job Entry, select a Material that was made on site,
> double click to get to the Material Maint. screen. Then they would click
> on and mark Purchase Direct and enter a Lead Time. With the Lead Time
> entered, they would remove the mark in Purchase Direct, but the number in
> Lead Time would stay, which they used for the time phase reports. This
> told them when they needed to start the manufacture of the material, to
> have it in stock in time to meet job requirements. With this update, that
> lead time does not stay (show) on the material line, as soon as you take
> the mark our the lead time reverts back to 0.
> They were using this so they didn't have to create and report against a
> sub assembly part.
> Any suggestions. If you need more information please feel free to call
> me.
> Nancy Dunn
> Winco Ind. Inc.
> 937 667-4476
> ndunn@...
> Thank you for your help.