Legacy System Integration into Vantage

Hello all,

I have been charged with investigating the possibilities of
integrating our legacy systems into Vantage. The integration level can be
full or partial, but the intent is to tie all our systems to Vantage in
some manner. The starting point is to find out if it is possible and how
everyone else has done it. I would like to poll the group and see if anyone
of your companies are doing this or attempted it. The systems we are
interested in are Control Plan (setup sheets, machine programs, trace
sheets), CAR (root cause analysis and reporting), Gage Calibration, Machine
TPM, Operator Training, Source Delegation. There are more, but if I can get
feedback on these that would be enough for the group to chew on. We are
currently on Vantage Ver 4.00.904. We are working on upgrading to 5.1, we
would be interested in hearing any changes in 5.0 and 5.1 that would help
the integration. Thank you.

John Koppes
Systems Coordinator
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