Legal Name vs Alias in Epicor

We have multiple employees who don’t go by their legal name. They want some other name for their email correspondence, thus their name in various systems matches this alias.

Now comes Epicor. Let’s say they want their preferred name to show up in Epicor, and be used for various accounts. I don’t see a field anywhere in Epicor where I can track legal name vs preferred name.

So if I create accounts using their preferred name and then I get a request to remove a user from HR, which uses their legal name to write them checks. How do I match the legal name with the preferred name that they use for all their accounts?

Can I track this within Epicor? I ask because Epicor is to become the single source of truth. There should be no other database we have to query in order to figure out what is going on.

Every employee record that is created also creates a Person Contact record. In Person Contact Maintenance, there is a tab for Name Details that you could use for this purpose. Otherwise, you will have to create a UD field on the Employee to store it.

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Thanks John. I see that a “Person / Contact” has a first name, last name, and display name. This is similar to Active Directory where you can use the legal name in first\last and use the Display Name to show whatever the person wants to see.

However, Epicor doesn’t allow you to change the Display Name to be different from the First\Last Name fields. If you update one it updates the other. Why is there even a separate field if they are forced to be the same?