Legal Numbers - 10.2.500.9 - Generate on options


In the legal Number setup there is an option ‘Generate on’. We have upgraded from 10.1.500.8 and the this option is set to post. However, when we are in AR invoice entry and create a invoice and print, the print dialogue window still has a tick box assign legal number ticked. Hence the legal number gets generated. It is my lack of knowledge but it doesn’t make sense that if the ‘Generate on’ option is set to Post that it still generates on Printing. It would be great if someone could shed some light on this.


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Can’t really comment on why it works this way, but I can clarify a bit how it works.

The Assign Legal Number checkbox in the report is set to true if the Generation is Automatic and the legal number option “Required for AR Invoices and Credit Memos” is true on Company Configuration AR Module tab.

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Hi Jonathan, Thanks for the insight. That is really useful. Ok, so I could check if I disable the company configuration. We had a situation where by in the previous version , we unticked the assign-legal number on the fly. So legal numbers were not generated when print previewing etc.

How when we migrated to 10.2.500 this broken invoice posting. So AR invoice Entry, generated all the invoices. Goto to print The invoices, it pushes the documents through the task agent to generate the PDFS but did not flag the invoices as printed so we couldn’t post.

Again, thanks for taking the time to look at this. It is appreciated.

Need to review

Thanks jonathan, it looks like we have a fix in the short term.