Line Locked


I have an Order that has some releases already shipped and invoiced, release 1 is not yet shipped and is still open, our qty for this has changed and I need to lower the line qty so the releases qty will now match but it is greyed out an I cannot hcange the Line qty, also the lock line qty is checked but also greyed out and I cannot uncheck it, is there something else I can to change the Line qty?

Try changing the qty in the Release. That will update the line qty.


We tried that but its not updating it.

Are you sure you need to change the first release quantity, because reading into Lock Line Quantity, it automatically deducts when the release is added?

Taken from Field Help:
Lock Line Quantity
Select this check box to indicate that you want the sales order quantity to remain constant; this means the total quantity of the sales order line is not affected after adding multiple releases.
Once the order quantity for a line is entered, the total amount is automatically assigned to the first release. Each subsequent release added to the line decreases the quantity of the first release, thereby keeping the sales order quantity constant regardless of the number of releases added.
The first release of a multi-release line controls the total quantity of the sales order. If the quantity for the first release is changed, the same change will apply to the total quantity of the sales order.
Example: A sales order has an order quantity of 10,000 and three releases: Release 1 = 7,000, Release 2 = 2,000, and Release 3 = 1,000. If the quantity for Release 1 is changed to 3,500, the order quantity updates automatically to 6,500. Updating the quantity of the first release will overwrite the Lock Order Quantity command.
Note: This check box is automatically selected when the Keep Line Quantity Constant check box located on the Company Configuration > Order sheet is selected.
Important: If the Lock Line Quantity check box is selected and you close the Master Release (Release 1) of a multiple release sales order line, any remaining open releases for that line will automatically close. To avoid this situation, always use the final shipment date for Release 1. You will receive a warning message if you attempt to close Release 1 when the other releases have not already shipped. If you unintentionally close Release 1, you must manually reopen the closed releases that have yet to ship.

If the order quantity by the customer has actually changed, I would suggest closing off release 1 as is and then add a new line with the desired quantity.