Link EPICOR Serial number with Manually Assign Serial number

Hi All,

How to link Legacy serial number which was generated manually out side EPICOR.?

I was trying to find some way to accommodate unique situation we have.

We created Job for those assemblies in EPICOR. The issue is now if we complete the job via EPICOR then EPICOR Serial number will be generated ( Mask based auto) which will be different then already created manual serial number.

So is there any way we can link both Serial number ( 1. Manually created out side EPICOR & 2. EPICOR Generated ) to one assembly?


The way I would approach this, would be to complete the legacy jobs ‘off system’ and then do an inventory adjustment for the legacy serial number and any cost adjustment if necessary.

This is effectively the approach at the data migration stage of a project.

If it is an ongoing situation, then I think you have a problem., which I can’t think of a solution - sorry.