Link Table to Order Entry

How can I link the ShipTo table to Order Entry? I am needing to pull in two fields from that table into Order Entry and be updatable, so an Foreign Key View I do not think will work.

We do similar things by adding UD columns to the tables, then copying the data over with BPMs. So for you, add those 2 columns to the relevant Order Table (OrderHed, OrderDtl, OrderRel etc). Then make 2 (maybe more) Method BPMs on SalesOrder Update and ShipTo Update to copy the data.

You can do it with a couple data directives instead of method, but you won’t have access to run built in BO widgets and will have to code the DB writes (AFAIK).

You can also do it with code in the screen customization, but that can be pretty intimidating. For me at least.