Linking Dimensions to UOM

GTI is a distributor & does not own the Advance UOM module.
Has anyone been able to link a set of static dimensions for each of the OUM of a part? Maybe by adding User Defined fields to the Attributes screen? Other approaches?

Example GTI: Part 88CM has inventory in Eaches, PK-6 (inner packs) & MP-240 (master packs)

There is a built in Track Multiple UOM option on the part master. You may look at the help for that I have not had to use it before. This did not fit our company need though.

It lets you track units, cases and pallets as an example.

We just purchased the Adv UOM module to do this for tracking metal tube lengths and pcs.

I don’t think you need the advanced uom if you are just tracking the same part in different packs. You should be able to accomplish this with Track Multiple UOM like @bboes said.