Linking PartOpr fields with ECOOpr fields

I need to store a UD field data in the PartOpr table but as far as I can tell the only way to do that (appart from DMT) is by entering data in the Engineering workbench by means of a ECOOpr field that has been linked to the PartOpr field
What I have done:

  1. Create the Field in the PartOpr_UD table and regenerate the database
  2. Create the field in the ECOOpr_UD table, set it to be Like the PartOpr_UD field and regenerate the database
  3. Plot the ECOOpr field in the Engineering workbench
  4. Link the two fields in the Extended UD Table field Map (both ways: PartOpr - ECOOpr and vice versa)
    Then checkout the revision, add data into the engineering workbench and then approve and check back in the Part.
    The PartOpr field has not been updated

Think I have encountered this before , think an additional sync might required after you done the field UD filed mapping.

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That did it!
Thanks Alex. You the man!

Glad to hear it :+1: and you’re welcome Rob.