List of upgrade issues for E10

We’re planning on upgrading our existing install of 10.1.400.23, and I’d like people to add comments with lists of issues the encountered when upgrading an existing E10 install to newer version.

I want this to be just a list of issues that we should be aware of so that when we test we hit these things first.

Please include:

  • The from and to versions (ex: 10.1.400.23 to 10.1.600.12)
  • Your architecture. Like: # of Servers (App, DB, Report), Server O/S’s, client O/S’s, etc…
  • The issue encountered. Was it during install, testing, after go live?
  • Don’t provide the solution to the issue (unless very brief). But rather a link to a thread about the issue.

Please don’t post solutions to issues posted by others. But you may post links to any threads that address their issue, if you think it would be helpful. Make sure to quote the post you’re addressing so we know what the link relates to.


I would suggest you use a partner or Epicor to run your database through the cloud tool for analysis. This will give you an idea of potential issues.It is fairly cheap to get a database converted (fixed price) and in the UK (not sure where you are) you can rent cloud space for a month or two, to see your data in the latest version where you can see what has gone up and what hasnt.

We have done quite a few upgrades for customers now, and we find we can head off most of the issues by viewing this report, so I would suggest this is your first step. In the UK it is free to analyse your database.

If you are worried about your own upgrade, I would say going from 10.1 to 10.2 isn’t that large of a leap and should require minimal housekeeping. As always perform the upgrade on a snapshot of your current db in a test environment to see if you encounter any issues is just good practice. In my own experience upgrading any version of E10 has been far less painful compared to how it was upgrading E9.