Listbox in Tracker View

I’m trying to create a list box within a dashboard tracker view. I know there is not an option for a listbox within the customization toolbox and multiple selection is not allowed using a combobox, so I’m guessing this must be coded in the script editor. I currently have a BAQ combo in the tracker view for employees to select a customer to filter the data; however, there are instances where more than one customer may need to be selected for the report.

I was able to find an example of how to code a listbox in Epicor, but the example only showed how to create your own array of data to use for the list. I’m wondering how/if it would be possible to populate the listbox with the results from my BAQ? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

First, I would ask tgat you request an enhancement from Epicor to support this object. I believe it has been missing for too long.
As for selecting multiple values from a list for filtering (I’m assuming a dashboard), this really is only available in Reports as far as I know. I would look at using some grouping field (like customer groups) to filter instead.