Load Attachments through EWA


We have employees that will be out in the field and using EWA to enter their time and expense reports. They will need to upload receipts for expense reports. Currently it says you can’t upload attachments in EWA. Am I missing a setting or something to get attachments to upload? We kinda need this so they can file expense reports.

Hi Jeanne,

Have you looked at the Mobile Expense app? It’s free with your Time and Expense on-prem product. If I recall, it has a way to upload photo attachments.


App Store: Epicor Expense Management on the App Store (apple.com)

Play Store: Epicor Expense Management - Apps on Google Play

While we do have Mobile we cannot use it right now due to IT security requirements. Is there any other way to attach in EWA?

I’m not sure of any security requirements that would apply to the mobile app that would not equally apply to EWA.

Since EWA is on the way out (not required with Kinetic) another option would be to write your own web application to attach documents using Epicor Functions and/or REST calls.

Can you please provide example using Epicor function and/or REST calls?