Locking the Salesperson

Let me first describe our scenario.

We have 10 geographical territories with 4 salesmen that handle
accounts across all territories.

What this means is that I cannot have a primary salesperson in a
territory or every account that gets created will be assigned that
salesperson automatically.

Because of this I have created a default salesperson called House
Account and made it the primary salesperson for all territories.
Then, when a new customer is added, I hit get territory and change
"House Account" to the assigned internal salesperson.

The problem here is the "adjust-all" feature. I used that today and
the edit list showed only a few accounts that were to be
re-classified, yet it went and changed the salesperson on every
customer back to "House Account."

I now have to hire temp labor to go through each of over 1500
customers in the system to re-classify the salesperson back to its
real salesperson.

I need a way to lock the salesperson and not the territory. I want to
be able to hit "adjust-all" and have the territories move, but keep
the salesperson the same.

I know this isn't available in 6.1 and maybe not in 8.0, but there
must be some work-around.

I need to use the salesperson field and not a "Character01" field as
it populates the salesperson on quotes and sales orders, and I don't
want to use "character01" for the territory because I want to be able
to use "get territory."

Has anyone had the same issue? Are there any real fixes to this?

Thank you very much,