Log files location

We are in Epcior 10.1.500. Does anyone know how to change the directory where the log files (any and all) are stored? Right now they are going to a directory on a server which we cannot access…



If you are referring to application process logs like what MRP would generate, one doesn’t need direct access to the log location in 10.1 as there is a menu item that allows users the ability to pull files from that location through the client.

There is a document that our Cloud team published for their customers, but, it works exactly the same for on premise. Click here for the direct link to that procedure.

The path to the menu item is : System Management > Schedule Process > Server File Download.

I find it simpler to select Company for the reports type and dig into the folder that the log file is actually in as Company is the top level.

The only other logs that don’t write to that server data location (the path is set on the System Agent record) location are the server-trace files (aka: appserver logs). One could change the path that the server-trace files are created so they could be pulled back to the client through this mechanism - I won’t speak to whether or not one should do that but, the process to do so would look like:

  1. In the Epicor Administration Console on the server, navigate to Server Management > Name of Server.
  2. Right-click Connect to Application Server on the appserver in question.
  3. Right-click Application Server Settings on the appserver in question.
  4. Change the File Location to [path under the server data directory that is set on the System Agent record] > Companies > [a company id that exists there]

Thanks. Am looking for the MRP and Costing Workbench logs, so this may work.


@aidacra has added a nice KB on Epicare about all the different logging settings also.

Here is the link, EpicCare Login - EpicCare

I do get an error stating “An item with the same key has already been added” in my education environment, when I try to enable logging. Any clues?


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You receive that error while enabling the logging, or within the application after the logging is enabled? If the latter, if you disable logging and try that same activity again, do you still receive an error?

It is when I try to apply the logging in the administration console.

Just updating the link to @aidacra’s KB article: https://epicorcs.service-now.com/kb_view.do?sysparm_article=KB0029304&sysparm_stack=&sysparm_view=case