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Hello everyone,

We recently had an issue where a Sales Order was created, saved and printed out. The unit price of the product was overwritten manually and it was printed as the overwritten value on the Sales Order Acknowledgement. But yesterday when accounting posted the invoice, we realized that the unit price was changed back to the original Price List value. In addition, when I go back to the order entry window check the price, I see that unit price in the SO is also changed to Price List value.

So now, I know that it could be one of the following things:

  1. I upload our price list everyday but it never caused an issue before with the overwritten prices.
  2. After the Sales order acknowledgement was printed and job was released, someone went back in and some how reloaded the part back into the line. If the cause is this, would there be a way for me to find out who did that change?
    3)Accounting did something during Invoice Entry but this does not make sense because it wouldn’t have changed order entry line price, correct?

Please help me figure this issue out. And if there is no way to log user activity now, would there be a way we can turn that function on? If it takes a lot of space, could you show me how I can clear old log data and how to back it up periodically so that it does not slow down our system.

Thanks a lot.

Search the help files for enable change log. It walks you through how to set it up.


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When using Price Lists (Sales Orders OR Purchase Orders), I have seen Epicor update the Unit Price/Cost even when another field was changed on the Order (date for example). What we have done is either click “Override Price List” so price list does not change or click on Lock Unit Price. (Same functionality exists for Purchase Orders).

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Yeah I get that. I’ve seen the price change back if anything was changed on the line tab in Sales order however, when customer service changes anything in the order entry window, they reprint the acknowledgement and swap it with the old one in the factory. And both old and new papers have the overwritten price on them that’s what confuses me the most.
Thanks for the reply!

@Banderson I’ll read it through right now thank you!

I can tell you there is (what I consider to be) a bug, where overrides to the price list are lost if you change any shipping info (ShipTo, OTS, etc) The only way I found around it was to lock the price.


So why do you think price list value did not show in the Sales order acknowledgement print out? Because if it changed before saving and CS saved it then printed it it should’ve been on paper too. I mean unless they changed something else after printing which they’ll never tell me :frowning:

I second this great feature*

So, I’ve tried a few things and saw that even if the price is locked, if you overwrite pricelist, the unit price changes. Not a strong lock… :roll_eyes: