Looking for a manufacturing company that has sucessfully converte d

Are there any manufacturing companys out there that have successfully
converted from version 4.0 to 5.1 that would be willing to share their
experience/nightmares with our company? Our plants are located in
Utah/North Hollywood, we have 175 employees in Utah and 200+ in NH and are
mainly a machine shop working on aerospace products, we've been using
Vantage for a few years and most recently (Jan 2001) upgraded to 4.0. We
are trying to find a relatively close manufacturing company that we could
maybe visit for 1/2 day and pick their brains about their experience in
upgrading. We are currently using MRP and Scheduling in version 4.0 with
not too much luck and understand it is greatly improved in version 5.1.
I've noticed there are a bunch of Vantage guru's on this list and am hoping
(actually praying) that one of you fits our needs and would be willing to
let us visit you. You never know we might be able to give you some tips in
return (or even take you out to lunch!)

You can email me privately so as not to clutter the vantage list at

Thanks in advance!!!!!!