Looking for a NiceLabel/Nicewatch replacement for our labeling


We currently use NiceLabel to design our labels. And we have Nicewatch application v5 (dating from awhile back) running on an old WinXP VM.
The nicewatch is setup to activate any file.Job that is newly saved on a specific network drive location. So in Epicor, when a label is generated, we save the file there.

Recently this VM has given us issues and we are looking to upgrade.

The Nicewatch does not seem to exists anymore, working more with a cloud based application… from the compangy who owns the software…we are looking into that…

But I was wandering what Epicor is compatble with, what users are using as a labeling software with Epicor? Ease of setup etc…

Ideally, we would install such “listener” on our Epicor print server instead of using other computer, as we need to think about Kinetic web ! since the server does not have access to our network drives…

Any input would be appreciated…



I’m a big fan of Bartender - you can purchase direct, or through Epicor.

You can monitor a folder and process jobs from there, or use REST, or TCP sockets, or Message Queues. Very flexible.


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Bartender, hands down.

It used to suck.

Now it still sucks sometimes but it’s also amazing.

Bartender integrates naturally with Epicor - bit of a pain to setup as you can only licence against a single instance at any one time (test or live) but once you get the initial outputs sorted it ticks along really nicely.

Reach out if you need some guidance

Not sure what you mean by this license restriction?

I never use the print style method of printing, always dump a text file to bartender monitored folder. If I was to do a new integration now I would instead use a REST call from BPM or Epicor Function.

Me neither.

Me too,. Just setup a new integration that checks a different folder if your two environments use different output locations,.

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