Looking for a scheduling system setup expert from the Production/Pla

We are at the junction were we are setting up our resources and resource groups to support scheduling.

We want to speak to someone who has setup scheduling as a production manager/planner/scheduler role.

Having someone just join us for a 15 minute conference call to talk about "best practices" and concerns/gotchas regarding the structure of resources - especially as related to what you associate to the groups and the crew size will be most helpful.

The company is a metal fabricator who specializes in making the frame that goes on the front of a fork lift and very large pumps for the fracking industry. Warner & Swasey, paint, machining, plasma burning, welding, NC, CNC's, lathes, etc....

The problem is - people wise there are huge swings of where the "work exists" - area/dept. wise and depending on what "job(s)" exist to work on they can literally send people from welding to run lathes/NC's/CNC's, etc.. or move a group to paint or to assembly. So this makes it challenging to know what to set the crew size to so that we can view the loading or over loading of hours appropriately.

Moreover, just making sure we don't under or over schedule jobs to areas that truly don't have any crew or many people.

Everyone has been educated so were well versed, and most setup items have been completed. Once we settle on a resource group and resource structure w/ the proper settings (crew, finite, etc...) then we can begin pilot testing.

Is this something you could help us out with? Just to talk to someone who has went through the process with perhaps a similar "resource" allocation challenge would be most helpful.