Looking for suggestions on copying UD fields from REQ to PO

I am using New PO Suggestions to create POs from REQs. I need to copy a couple of REQ UD fields over to the PO (that is automatically generated). What would be the best method of doing this?

I looked at a post BPM method directive on Sugg.Generate but the PO number was not in there.

Hi Jeff,

The PORel.ReqNum holds the requisition number in it. Can you do a data directive using this field to watch for change from nothing to req number and then fill out the req UD fields with the data? I think one other possibility would be to extended field mapping. I had an example years back where we did this below and I haven’t touched it since, but it works without complaint:


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I ended up putting a Data Directive BPM on REQDetail on the change of the POLine field and updated the PODetail from there with some custom BPM code. I couldn’t find a UD field map for REQ/PO.


The Req number is not on the PODetail, it’s on the PORel. I’ve got a data directive now that fires on an ADDED PORel row where the ReqNum is NOT ZERO. However, since that code is on the PORel data directive and I wanted to update PODetail, I have custom code to take the ttPORel row, read the ReqDetail table, and update the PODetail table.

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Your BPM sounds great. Can you send or post it?

During the process of auto-generating the PO, the system writes the PONum, POLine, and PORelNum back to the RFQDetail table. That is where I have my BPM set to trigger. It is having problems when there are multiple rows on the REQ. I would like to see your custom code. Thanks in advance.