Lookup Table to Report Builder

Quick Q…

Is it possible to grab this info:

and report it in Report Builder?

I’m trying to add the Calculated cycle data to the Job Traveler report.
So basically, is it possible to report on lookup table data?

If that’s the only data you need on the Job Traveller then it could be best to create a UD field on the JobHead(or JobOper/JobMtl) and populate that UD field using Document Rules. That would help solve if you need historical records of what the Job had on it, not what the lookup table says at the time the report is run.

If you want to pull the PCLookup values into a Job Traveller SSRS report then it’s probably easiest to just write the SQL query and use that directly from SSRS using a seperate datasource. You could also create SQL views that format your PCLookup data well for reporting, and then just link to those.