Lot or PCID Tracking in WIP

Can lots or PCID be assigned in WIP? Both are displayed on the end activity screen, but I can only get the PCID field to activate on the final op of a make to stock job without auto receipt on.



@Carson I believe this is only possible with the Advanced PCID license.

We use PCIDs without the advances license and do not have the ability to use WIP PCIDS.

Directly from Help FWIW

Note: This field is only enabled if the following information is true:

  • Your company has an AMM license.
  • The Package Control Enabled check box is selected for the site in Site Configuration.
  • The operation against which the quantity is reported is selected as the last operation or the last operation in the method.
  • The report quantity is greater than zero.
  • The activity is a production activity (not indirect, setup or rework).
  • The operation is not set to Auto Receive.
  • The job for the activity being ended contains no sub-assemblies.
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The other requirement that help is missing is it doesn’t activate if the job is direct to order.
The packout with PCID works great from inventory, I’m just trying it get the same process to work direct to order.