Lot Sizes vs Multiple Divisibility Error Missing

I tripped across something in 2022.1 that can kinda be a big deal that I’ve not seen posted on here yet.
At some point it looks like Epicor eliminated the error that prevented users from setting Min Lot Sizes & Multiples that were not evenly divisible:

Minimum Lot Size must be evenly divisible by Mfg Lot Multiple

So now you can set values that are not evenly divisible with no warning that MRP Suggestion Qty’s will be generated differently. Instead of getting Suggestions at the Min Lot Size Qty, you will only get Suggestions at the Multiple Qty.
This can have a big costing impact on those jobs if the Min Lot Size must be followed to maintain appropriate margins.
I think it’s fine that Epicor no longer block you from entering these Qty’s, but I think there needs to at least be a warning message so the user understands that the Qty’s values are not compatible with what they are probably attempting to achieve (considering they are entering a Multiple AND a Min/Max Lot Size). The message should include an explanation that suggestion Qty will only be at the Multiple value.
When I reviewed this with Epicor Support they sent me off to Epicor Ideas instead of acknowledging that this might be a bug or an oversight in design.
So here is the ‘idea’ for votes to get this back. In the meantime I will be using a BPM to help the users, but if you aren’t aware of this, it can have big impacts on some companies.

Restore Min/Max/Multiple Divisible Error or | Epicor Kinetic Ideas (aha.io)