Lunch and Break Sound Notifications πŸ”ˆ


Our very old system for sending a sound over our plant intercom speakers to indicate the start and end times of lunches and breaks is dying. I was wondering if anyone had a more up-to-date system to broadcast a sound through the plant speakers that they could recommend? :woman_shrugging: :speaker::musical_note: :hear_no_evil:

Thank you for any suggestions you can provide! :slight_smile:

In the past I used this to replace the aging system we had.

Linortek Netbell-2 TCP/IP Ethernet 2 Zone Bell Ringer Web-Based Bell Controller for 110V 10A Alarm Signal Bell/Horn/Buzzer

Available on Amazon of course!

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@EarlGrei lay on them what we do. Not sure exactly how it’s all setup other than I broadcast from BPMs over REST, but it could be done from a schedule too.

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@ERPSysAdmin we use to provide a line out for pages from our SIP based phone system. Included in that server is the ability to schedule bell/buzzer type sounds. @jgiese.wci is correct that we also do fire off text-to-voice pages from Epicor via some BPM hoo-doo-voo-doo that he built. The nice thins with the CyberData device I provided is that it can do scheduled bells/buzzers as well as act as your intercom. This is dependent on if the SOUND portion of the system is still working. Meaning that if its just the controller that is dying then this is a quick easy fix.

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