Machine/Resource Memos in 8.0+?

It's my understanding that Vantage 8 specifically
offers this opportunity for you.
Current work centers "convert" into resource
groups, and each resource group needs at least
one resource in it: a resource being defined as
a person or a machine. That offers you the
ability to track down to that level - as precise
as you name your resources and group them.

Our company is undergoing a move from 6.1 to 8.0
and since 6.1 doesn't have resources we are
having an issue with getting ready for 8.

If anyone has made this "leap" and has comments
or suggestions - I welcome them!

Sentry Equipment Corp
an employee owned company
Oconomowoc WI

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The subject of tracking machine maintenance has come up and before we look for a system external to Vantage I would like to explore what we will have in 8.0+ with regard to machine type resources. I don't have 8.0 running yet and the new User Guide book does not have enough detail about setting up machines as a resource. So I can't answer the following for myself.

When you set up a machine is there access to creating memos for a machine? So that we could track things like downtime and specific maintenance activities via different memo types? As long as I am wishing....any way to attach documents to a machine? Would be nice for making user manuals easy to access.

Todd Caughey
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.