Machine Table questions for 5.0+

I am on 5.0, and neither of these are the case from what I can see.
However, possibly changes in 5.1?

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We are reorganizing a few things to prepare for better use of scheduling and
capacity management. A lot of this revolves around machine table records.
Before we lock into the way things are now we have two questions about
5.0/5.1 changes for those who have converted or have test databases.

1. Will the be a VB form hook for the Machine table?
2. Is there any facility for alternate machine such as there is for work
center? If so does scheduling use it?

I am very hopeful on #1 since many tables were added but doubtful on #2 but
if so it could save us from making a work center out of each machine.

-Todd Caughey
Harvey Vogel Mfg. Co.

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