Macro Express with Vantage 8.03

I am experimenting with Vantage 8.03. I want to see if I can update my
master part file.
I am cutting and pasting from an excel spreadsheet to the part master
panel in Vantage 8.03.
I am experiencing a problem when attempting to paste to a lookup field
(part class).
Example, Part Class 9999 (which is Plastics Finished Goods). When I
attempt to paste
Plastics Finished Goods in the part class drop-down, it disappears as
soon as I move off of
the field. Same with product group.
It looks like you MUST (manually) select from the drop-down list. I am
experimenting with Macro Express.
Looks like Epicor removed the capability to use the MS Windows
Has anyone else experienced this?


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