Maintenance Job Entry / "Job Close" greyed out for one user but not another

when I login as security manager, this checkbox is enabled normally after picking a Resolution topic. Login as a regular user, with limited menu access, it’s greyed out, why? The only thing I could think of was enabling menu access to Job Closing, but same result. No BPMs in place, it’s vanilla.


Who is the Job assigned to? Is it that user?

not assigned to anyone

It’s been a while since I have used Maintenance, but I thought a Job had to be assigned to someone for them to complete it.

Hmmm that’s news to me. How would you assign?

Like I said, it’s been a few years, so I’m rusty. I would do a right click, open with on the Assigned To field to see what the setup table is.

So that ‘assigned to’ field in my screenshot is custom field we added, no effect whatsoever, just allows us to view an employee we assigned to the job.

Sorry, fresh out of ideas. I know there was a way we assigned it to an employee, can’t remember how though. They might have been a resource or something else. I’m no longer at that company, so can’t look into it.

We’re not using it yet but this is the main screen:

Don’t see any People assigned anywhere else unless it’s an individual resource on an operation.

Check Field Security to see if the JobHead.JobClosed field is limited to who can modify it. It’s the same JobClosed field as is used for production jobs, so if your company only allows certain users or departments to close jobs, you might have this field disabled for other users. That would also make sense with the Security Manager being allowed to check it, but not a “regular” user.

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We have zero field security in play, so that’s out. I did test enabling the Job Closing program permissions as well, no effect.

If you open the job in an un-customized version of Maintenance Job Entry, is that user able to modify Job Closed? I cannot think of any system settings that would prevent closing other than Field Security, Process Security, BPMs, or a Form Customization.

Are all of the Operations completed?

So we opened a support ticket with Epicor, and the fix was…you have to select “All Companies” in field security for that Job Close checkbox…even though we had no field security in play. Go figger.