Make Direct Job Processing box group

Can someone help explain the “yellow” highlighted text in the attached document. Trying to setup an auto job completion and job closing processes with a “make direct” exclusion. But I cannot for the life of me figure out where or what box group checkbox this Epicor help article is referring too. Any insight is appreciated.


JobComplete_Close Code Parameters Maintenance.pdf (337.4 KB)

I looked and cannot find this, very odd. @Ernie you have any idea?

I only have 10.2.300 and 10.2.400 systems available, and that paragraph is not in either of those versions’ help screens. Josh, what version are you on (the footer on the PDF says “10.2 copyright 2017”), and if you go to the “Detail Fields” link does it give you any more information?


We are running E10.2.100.13, and no there is not any useful information about this subject within detail fields except explanations of each field within Job Complete/Close Code Parameters Maintenance module. I have looked everywhere, and unfortunately if it is a built-in function as stated in the application help, we have a really good business case to leverage this functionality. However, my assumption is this “exclude make direct jobs from closing” function was removed/changed from E9 to E10 platform. I appreciate your help.