Make Tax Digital - Spreadsheet Upload Error

Does anybody have any tips for uploading our Tax returns via Excel Spreadsheet? We have followed the “Getting Ready for MTD in UK - Implementation Guide” but when uploading the .Xlsx file we get this error:

I believe it to be a formatting issue but we’ve tried setting the XML tags and the corresponding numbers to every format we can think of and still no joy.

I have attached our test spreadsheet for you to see.

any help would be greatly appreciated.MTD.xlsx (10.0 KB)

I have had the same issue during testing. I replaced the xml tags with Tax Box 1, Tax Box 2 and the file imported correctly.

In the Epicor “Getting Ready for MTD in UK” is clearly states to use the xml tags but in the document UK Electronic Tax Declaration (MTD) it says to put in Tax Box 1, Tax Box 2 etc.

I hope this helps


Hi Matt,
We did eventually figure it out.
Thanks for commenting :smile: