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Have you tried "Receipts from Mfg" after the Job is complete in Mfg? Then
you can receive the Job to stock and to a location, then later ship from
stock. Good luck.



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Subject: RE: Make to Order/Make to Stock?

What could we expect if we manufacture everything to inventory and ship
from there?

Take one part as a test, make it to stock and see what you think?

You will find that you live in the time phase screen and with the time phase
exception report instead of the job hub.

User will complain that they have to use different routes through vantage to
get the same data.
The job button will be grayed out in order tracker, you will have to go to
part tracker-time phase-then job tracker.


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We are looking at simplifying the steps that the inspection/shipping
department performs. We are also looking at simplifying travelers. We
have quite a few jobs that we complete 2 weeks to 2 months before they
are due. The parts, after inspection, go on a shelf and wait for the
shipping window. Right now, the job stays open (and on WIP lists, etc)
until the job ships. Since there is no inventory transaction, the parts'
locations are unknown to Vantage. The shipping operation has to have an
accurate address on it, since it is used to make the shipping label.

What could we expect if we manufacture everything to inventory and ship
from there?

Should we continue linking orders to jobs? I have a nice progress
routine that checks orders against jobs and warns if the job quantity or
date do not support the orders linked to it.

Should we have all the orders pull from inventory to ship? This would
unlink jobs & orders and make things a little harder to track who's
making what and why.

Any enthusiastic success stories or cautionary tales would be

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