Making a report auto-display? thru scheduler

I have accomplished this on E-9 and Vantage… quite easily… wazup with E-10?

Step 1) Create a scheduler entry for 4:00 AM call it morning reports.
2) Go to users desk & input a report request being logged on as them, scheduled per 4:00AM
EX: AP aging Report or AR Aging report
It is set to run ‘dynamic’ aligned to the 4:00AM scheduler as well as “recurring”
archive period 1 day
SYS AGENT shows the TASK in the TASK List per this schedule entry
3) Sys Monitor shows the task executed at 4:00AM
4) expectation is that when user arrives at 8:00AM… they log on to EPICOR…
and the report magically displays (since it was executed under their log-on)

What am I missing???

The user will need to Open the Task Agent and select the Report tab and desired row and click Print Review. Prior to submitting the report be sure to set the submission achieve field accordingly.