Making a the Case Entry readonly does not work

According to Epicor Support, the Read-Only Checkbox on the menu item which is not working is a known problem in Epicor version 10.1.400.38 and 10.2.300.3. Furthermore, the Field Help does give the User the impression that all the User needs to do to make a Menu Read Only is to check the Checkbox. As of November 2nd, 2018 a new development case has been created for PRB0207693.

In one of your old posted, if sound a suggestion to make an entry screen read only by using the code:

TheNameOfYourFormHere.IsEpiReadOnly = true

However, this also did not work at the form initialization or load event. Has anyone succeeded in making an entry screen read only in Epicor version 10.1.400.38?

BeforeAdapterMethod - stop the Update method?

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There are a number of adapter methods being called in the form. Which one to use?

A simple BPM here would sufice, befre update if the CalLContextClient is (Name of your Tracker Menu) then Stop

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I tried the adapter - method and I am able to check for the update method. Thank you Chris and Jose.