Managing Applications with Case Management

I am migrating a system that manages Applications for our company. The process is pretty simple, but there is a small twist. I use a simple state machine to track each application. The Application begins with state “Initiated”. Once Sales collects the needed preliminary information, it assigns the Application to Engineering and the state moves to “In Engineering”. Engineering will work on the request and can either complete the request where the state will change to “Out of Engineering” or it can request more information which changes the state to “Waiting on Sales”. This back and forth can occur several times. Once the request has been fully satisfied, moves to “Submitted” when the customer is provided the details and quote. It is possible that even after the state reaches “Submitted”, it can be kicked back in engineering and cycle some more. Given my limited understanding of Tasks and Workflows for a Case, I don’t see how I can go back and forth between Tasks a random number of times. It seems that everything must proceed sequentially. Anyone have experience trying to do something similar?


You can loop with Task Sets basically you setup the workflow with two options (move forward) or (move back)

Basically the “next” task milestone can be back or forward. (See below Sales Rep Approve can either go to Manager (forward) or back to Sales Rep Approve



Perfect! Thank you @josecgomez. You continue to amaze me with your breadth of Epicor knowledge.


Insane isn’t it?! Thank you Jose!

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