Managing EpicWeb users

Kinetic requires an Epicweb account for accessing training courses and videos in the Epicor Learning Center. The Epicweb interface leaves a lot to be desired.

Any tips for managing Epicweb users? Does anyone actually keep this in sync with their Kinetic users? Anybody use a generic training login for Epicweb?

We just add supervisor level or higher folks to Epicweb / ELC. Too much of a pain to do 300+ employees as well as keeping the list current with new hires / terms.

Not sure if this is the right topic, but please vote and comment on it!

For starting up, I think you can provide a spreadsheet of employees to the EpicWeb Team and they can generate the Contacts/Logins for you. This was mentioned to me once during our first implementation.

As far as keeping it in sync with your users/employees, I don’t think there is a way to do it except for manual management in EpicWeb.

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Didn’t know that, that would be a great help!