Manifest AR invoice print

I am wondering if anyone has printed AR invoices that are credit card transactions that are open and close when shipped in manifest.
We need to provide the invoice to the customers and don’t want to have to go in to each order after the fact and do so. The shipments don’t even appear in the get shipments when doing AR Invoices.
You get the window that shows the following Post Update Message

Just looking to get this to email directly to the customer or to wherever identified in routing rules.

Anyone doing anything like this?

When shipping a credit card order, the invoice is created, funds collected from your merchant account, cash posted, and invoice closed.
You can print the invoice from Mass Print Invoices or Invoice Tracker.
I have created an auto print data directive to auto print and email the invoice via print routing. Copy the customer and a shared mailbox for accounting.

Hey Bryan! I hope you are doing well. I was hoping to hear from you specifically on this. I am sure others may know, but was certain that you did.
We can’t use counter sales for some things, so for credit card orders for certain things we are using our own customer and OTS for delivery and entering in the CC on the order. Since this is one customer. I am presuming the easiest thing is to create routing that breaks on each invoice in a day and emails it separately to the customer and AR.
Can a BPM be made to actually run mass print AR invoices daily? Should certain settings be set on mass print screen so that we only get the CC transactions? Sorry for the questions. I still consider myself a newbie but a quick study.

Duh, just realizing that I can set up a task to run that daily and maybe copy and revise the routing rules.
Clarification question - is mass print AR invoices ONLY those invoices that would be CC processed?

Hey Tracy, hope all is well. The trick with Mass Printing Invoices is that you have to load the customers into the filter. i have not figured that out yet.

I am sending each invoice at the time of shipment.

You need an In Transaction Data directive to monitor for the invoice status changing from open to closed, and some other criteria to ensure it’s a credit card invoice. I used a condition to ensure the GroupID begins with the values setup in Company Config for the Credit Card Invoice Group, most likely CC.

I also validate the invoice balance is 0.00

The In Transaction directive enables a standard directive which contains the auto print action for each invoice.

I tried this with a standard directive only, it does not work for some reason.

Hopefully this helps.

Has anyone had any luck with setting up AR invoice printing for Credit Card orders? I have created an Data Directive (Standard on InvcHead) that is emailing the customers their invoice for Credit Card orders at the time of shipment. The BPM works fine and executes when testing until I replace a test email with my APR Invoice Form. The invoice form is giving me the error that “No invoices selected to print” (full error below). However, when I manually go to A/R Invoice Tracker and run the routing rule for that report style, it runs and emails me without a problem. I have disabled the SSRSRouting on the Autoprint BPM and it continues to give the “No invoices selected to print” error. So I know the error is not related to my routing rules on the SSRS Breaking and Routing.

what does your condition look like?

That looks good, here’s how mine is configured so you can compare.

I setup an in-transaction data directive on InvcHead with a condition which looks similar to yours.
Instead of the terms code, I use the Invoice GroupID setup under company config for Credit Card invoices because the terms code is not tied to credit card processing out of the box in epicor.

If the condition is met it enables a standard directive which has the auto print action. Make sure you pass the invoice number in the auto-print options.

So you are using an In-transaction Data Directive instead of a Standard? Maybe that is where my issue lies. I will give that a try. I appreciate your help.

dont feel bad, this took a while to get working consistently.

I made the modifications that we discussed but I am still getting the error “No invoices selected to print”. I’m assuming this is in relation to your note above about passing the invoice to the auto-print options. Can you elaborate on what you did to get your invoice number passed to the auto-print? I’m assuming this is set within the report parameters of the auto-print options?
Update - I needed to extend my menu. It wasn’t showing the drop down option to change to a table and field value.