Manual Checks showing on Open Payable Report

Hi everyone.

Just wanted to see how other companies handle manual checks? We paid a few manual checks, but when I run a XL connect report to show open payables, these keep showing up. Obviously Epicor is not recognizing it somehow. We are brand new to Epcior, so if someone could let us know how they handle and process manual checks, it would be appreciated.

Thank you

Does these manual checks entries are entered in the payment entry and allocated to respective AP invoice ?

Hi Prashanth - Yes they are

Cross check if these invoices are appearing in the Epicor standard report
Aged Payable
AP balance

Hi - Yes, its showing on the Aged Payable report.

It was created as a manual check and I can pull it up. Is there a way to assign a check # to these? or a process where epicor will recognize it? It probably something simple we are not doing.

Have you created it as a Pre-payment? Only pre-payment creates AP Invoice which displays in Aged Payables Report.

Could you give us the steps what entry have you created and posted for the manual checks.