Manufacturing Lead Time calculation and APS

Is it required to have APS (Advance Planning and Scheduling) in order to see good results when running Manufacturing Lead Time Calculation?

I know we have lead times entered for our purchased parts but I’m not seeing those being calculated.

Thanks in Advance

My understanding (which may not be correct) is that for purchased parts, the lead time is not calculated, it is entered.

We have not run the task to calculate manufacturing part lead times, instead we have placed the values in that field that we prefer. I am reluctant to run the calculate lead times task, as I do not want to overwrite the purchased part lead times we have worked so hard to gather.

It’s probably as simple as doing it in test and evaluating, but since the manufacturing lead time is not used anywhere else in Epicor that I can locate, there is not a lot of reason to proceed. Perhaps it is used in rough-cut scheduling, but we don’t perform that task. All our jobs are scheduled finitely, with some of our resources set up as infinite (labor based, easy to surge when needed).


but need some set up