Marriage name change

Anyone know how to safely change someone’s last name without removing their account?

If it is the UserID then I dont think there is a way, since the UserID is also tied to many tables (historical transactions).

What we do in a larger corporation, where you come across this problem often is, we use generic Active Directory IDs (Epicor Logins) such as:

  • US12345
  • AU12345
  • EU12345

This eliminates the problem, in a medium sized company we used hxk68 (first intial, middle initial, last intial, random number) but that also came with the same problem.


ok because at our smaller company when Epicor was setup our System Admin used first initial last name.

I dont know of a way, perhaps Epicor Support has a data-fix that does a find/replace on your entire SQL Database to rename an ID. It’s worth asking. Otherwise you have to start fresh and lose the history.

Our accounts are firstname.lastname so when this occurs we disable the account and create a new one

I’m no SQL guy but I figured there has to be something out there like that to replace all instances of the last name.

I discussed with my System Admin and that seems to be the route we have to take… Thanks for the help.

We usually tell people to live with it. It’s a first world problem that I’m not willing to give up combined history for.