Mass Delete Scheduling Resources in BOO

Trying to mass delete an Op Dtl Seq in DMT for over 1000 methods. But i keep ending up deleting the entire Op. Any ideas?


If it’s anything like deleting a Resource, DMT may not be capable of doing that :frowning:

It’s frustrating, and I’m working on exporting the entire Op details via BAQ, deleting the Op through DMT’s BOO, and then adding it back without the resource (in my case). I need to validate if deleting the first (and only) op also deletes the BoM.

If there’s an easier way, I’m all ears. It’s too bad we can’t run DMT in Delete mode or Update mode to remove the specific field…

This is exactly what i thought of. It ends up being alot of moving parts. You then have ops that have a material reference and you would have to clear that out too.