Mass Issue to Mfg in

We are testing the 10.2 release, and have run into a bug / issue. When you go to Mass Issue to Mfg, if you get a warning about going negative on a part, the process will not issue any parts on the job. In 10.1.600.10, the system would warn you, but it would then issue all of the other parts where you had the on-hand quanitiies available. Has anyone else seen this issue, or gotten any type of fix for it? The new release solves a bunch of other issues, but we don’t want to lose the mass issue ability.

Hi Paul,

Are you certain you have your part class setup to allow going negative?


We do not want that part class to go negative. In the earlier version, it would warn about going negative, not issue the specific parts where they would go negative, but also issue all of the other parts normally. Now it stops the issue process completely and issues none of the parts at all.

I asked the production manager, and the problem with going negative on part, is it impacts our inventory valuation, so we do not want to go negative on any of the parts.