Mass Issue to Mfg - Trigger Stop Action?

Have a request to block issue or hide all parts from our “Misc” warehouse A custom grid would work but I’m trying to get a BPM to set the “Stop Action” like this negative qty stop action:


I’m Curious, do your parts have a primary bin setup?

Is there a CheckPartClass and/or CheckNegative method during the trace that you could intercept and force in parameter values? Make it think parts in the specified warehouse are a stop action class with an in hand qty of zero.

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Yup, didn’t think that really mattered though. Was trying to use SetDispStopActionUnspecified as commented out now but it was throwing errors and I couldn’t figure out a way.

I believe I’ve got it setup to stop the parts in the requested warehouse by setting the fields via this code block below. It doesn’t show any messages to the user but when I refreshed those parts were not listed in Completed and still in Open Issues with their full qty. Probably overkill to set all of these fields but sometimes a shotgun works!

Now to see if the user is OK with this solution and then refine to just the field(s) needed.

foreach (var ttMI in ttMassIssue)
    if (ttMI != null)
    //      ttMI.SetDispStopActionUnspecified.  
           ttMI.AbleToIssue  = false;
           ttMI.OKToIssue  = false;
           ttMI.QtyRequiredMtl = 0;   
           ttMI.QtyIssued = 0;