Mass Part Loader

Anyone by chance create a mass part loader dashboard? We have a few upcoming projects where folks need to enter a couple hundred of parts. Don’t know if DMT works for this as I am not sure how when I add new I can take the newly created part number and use it for the other tables.

Part Plant
Part Warehouse

I am checking on the part combined option in DMT. Just don’t know if it will work. Thought I would ask before messed around with this in test.

DMT works great for this. I even have users adding parts in small batches since it will add them in 10 seconds each. You can also have bpms fire to help the DMT process.


To be more specific.

We want to do a mass part loader with GL information. I am not seeing the template to do this.

Any help would be appreciated.

also is there a special license to load parts? I am getting this error for each item I am loading.

2017-11-13T14:31:40 1 of 82 PartNum Line:1 Your software license does not allow this feature.


My only concern with using updatable BAQ for this is the interconnected tables. “Row has been modified by another user” is almost unavoidable in this case (in my limited experience)

There is a Part GL Control option, but GL control is not included within
combined, so it would be a second pass.
DMT does have a license, but I have never seen that kind of message.

When I got DMT training the advise on all error messages was to try the same action in the app.

Below is a Part Combined Template for reference.

PartTemplate.xlsx (8.0 KB)

How do you know what is the new part number for the second pass when you are loading 100’s of parts at once?

Sorry I should have mentioned that the system auto assigns parts.

Are you not assigning the part number? I had assumed that you had a list of part numbers to add.
1st pass adds the part, plant, warehouse, etc. 2nd pass of the same list adds the GL controls.

If the parts are being generated then I would add an unused shortchar or checkbox in the DMT to query back out the list for the 2nd pass.

No worries, find a field you can use for this purpose. I set the date added and added by user, so i would use those, but any field will do for this.

For the GL control run you just need company and partnum, so a quick baq will get you the list.

If you make an updateable dashboard then the user could make their own GL control list and clear the new part field when finished.

I am wondering if I have to assign the part number in the loader file, vs letting the system run the BPM.

The DMT is spitting out errors for each record.

2017-11-14T10:54:26	 17 of 82 PartNum NewPart17 Line:17 Row has been modified by another user and couldn't be updated.
2017-11-14T10:54:31	 18 of 82 PartNum NewPart18 Line:18 Record not found.
2017-11-14T10:54:33	 19 of 82 PartNum NewPart19 Line:19 Record not found.

It looks like the bpm firing is conflicting with your generic part number, so you will have to assign in the dmt run, but you will also need to make sure the auto assign bpm doesn’t fire.

I know you can exclude a bpm from firing by user or security group and I think calling program.
If it is a one time project then I would make a group and assign the user just before the run and remove after. Not a long term solution but would get this project done.

Another possibility is not to fire the bpm if checkboxXX is true and send that in the DMT run.

I am thinking I just need to create a C# app to do this. DMT is awesome when you know all of the information before you need to load it. DMT is not the best when BPM’s are setting data elements.

There are 8 Preprocessing BPM on Part, I am guessing that is also part of the issue.

Thanks for being a sounding board.

Good Luck.