Mass Receipt BPM

Hello, I’m working on a BPM that raises and exception when a user attempts to receive in a line that has $0.00 unit cost on the PO.

I have the BPM written (Method Directive on Receipt.CommitRcvDtl) which is working exactly how I want. When the user selects “Process” and my condition is met, they get an error message and hard stop.

However, the issue I’m running into is the PO gets closed after the process button is selected, even though nothing is being received on the Pack ID.

Any thoughts on how I can keep the PO open from my BPM?

This is a Post-Processing BPM… it happens AFTER the business object (that closes the PO) takes place. You need to put this on Pre-Processing.

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Good call Ernie, this solved the issue. Oversight on my part but it makes complete sense, the BPM was being triggered to late in the process. Thanks!

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I’ve tried this but can’t seem to get it to work…How are you looking at the decimal 0.0000?
I used a variable Decimal type and expression 0.0000 to define it.

In this case I would not have used a variable… just selected the field itself (probably PODetail.DocUnitCost). @Fernando, is that what you did?

It was an easy answer of course. I just had to use the “the field RcvDtl.OurUnitCost is equal to expression” 0

That way works too, but I actually did it a different way. I used a query equal to 1 or more condition. This was a while ago but I recall doing this method over the expression = 0 approach at the time.