Mass Receipt - Set All To Locations

In Receipt Entry, when doing a Mass Receipt, what does it actually do when you click the “Set All To Locations” button? What logic does it use to set the Warehouse and Bin on each line? Where is it looking up what to set the Warehouse and Bin to on each line?

Set to location will change the warehouse and bin on the receipt to match the PO or the part’s primary bin.

Bryan DeRuvo

@bderuvo Thanks for the info! How does Epicor pick the warehouse that the receipt line is set to before you click “Set All To Locations”?

There is a bug in some versions of 9.05 where the warehouse doesn’t default from purchase order releases for “other” purchases. The SCR is 110938. I wrote a BPM to pull in the missing warehouses and bins when the Set All Locations button is clicked (we are on 9.05.701). Thought I’d mention it in case someone is struggling with one of the versions with the bug.

@snielsen28 Good to know about that bug. We are also on 9.05.701 and I just did a quick test here and it did act the same as the bug you mentioned…in Receipt Entry it did not set the warehouse for an “Other” PO Line. I am curious though, on receipts for “Other” PO Lines it does not actually transfer any inventory (parts have to be set to Not Qty Bearing in order to purchase as “Other”). How are you using the warehouse on “Other” receipts, if no inventory actually changes? Just to see the location where it was received?

We can’t receive our “other” purchases without a warehouse. I’m guessing it’s because we have generic supply part numbers set up for taxable and non-taxable supplies for various departments with part classes that direct them to the correct GL. The parts are set up as not qty bearing and non-stock and have warehouse/bin that default on the purchase order but won’t populate when receiving.

There is a default warehouse/bin setup in the company or plant setup for receiving. The mads receipt uses this as the default.

Bryan DeRuvo