Mass Receipt (Unreceive All Option)

We received a stocked part in error and attempted to do a reversal via the “Unreceive All” option under Mass Receipt. The twist is that the packing slip was a duplicate PS number and it placed the most recent receipt in the same period as the first reference to that packing slip number. Now, we have transactions in a closed period. I have three questions:
1). Is there a way to reverse a Unreceive all? If this is possible the transactions in the closed period would net zero and would just need to be posted.
2). If we cannot accomplish #1, beyond a journal entry, is there any other way to correct the finance side of this transaction?
3). This is something that can happen at any time if a supplier send in documents with the same PS number. Will the system allow us to set up a “STOP” for duplicates to prevent this going forward?

Here’s what I would do

  1. Open the pack slip in receipt entry.
  2. Mark the lines that you wanted to keep (from the original receipt entry) as received.
  3. Delete those lines you didn’t want to receive.

This will create transactions with an apply date in a prior period, but they should all offset. So when they are forced to post in the current month, they’ll net to zero.

It should be something like this…

SysDate  TranDate  PartTran QTY  Notes
6/1/2019 6/1/2019  PUR-STK 10    Original receipt to pack slip 12345
8/1/2019 6/1/2019  PUR-STK 5     Additional rcpt to pack slip 12345
8/5/2019 6/1/2019  PUR-STK -15   Un-receive all of pack slip 12345
8/6/2017 6/1/2019  PUR-STK 10    Re-receive the original 10 on pack slip 12345

The first line would have posted in period 6. The next three would be forced to post in period 8. But they net to 0 (5 -15 + 10).

They don’t have to have been the same part, I just did that to make the example easier. Had line on been for Part A, and line 2 been for Part B, then line 3 would have actually been two lines

8/5/2019 6/1/2019  PUR-STK -10   Un-receive all of pack slip 12345 (PART A)
8/5/2019 6/1/2019  PUR-STK  -5   Un-receive all of pack slip 12345 (PART B)

Might want to double check to see if the second (additional) receipts affected your costing.

We often have to rcpt’s for the same pack slip, on different days (don’t ask…). When we need to do this, we’ll add a suffix to the pack slip. In the example above, we’d make any follow-up rcpts to packs slip 12345 as 12345b

I am sorry. I forgot to mention, these lines were already released by our quality department to inventory. I don’t know of a way to do the reversal if the materials
have already been released.

So Quality also screwed up the receipt? Sounds like somebody needs to review the business processes.

OK, Let me get this straight.

If the receipt already went through inspection processing, then you’ll have to do DMR/Debit Memo to fix this. Epicor had sent us instructions, but I could only find my updated copy:

Clearing Incorrect Receipts that have Inspections

Once an inspection record has been saved you cannot delete the inspection record or associated PO receipt.

Steps to correct inventory, purchase order, and payables should this occur:

  • Nonconform parts from Inventory (probably should use comments field to explain why). Use nonconformance reason
  • In inspection processing, fail the parts to DMR
  • In the DMR screen,
    • Detail: Key in the supplier # and purchase point
    • Add new Reject
      • Supplier RMA, leave blank (or use FIX Receipt type annotation)
      • Quantity = quantity received in error
      • PO Receipt area – add pack # and line
      • Verify unit price matches PO
      • Reason – currently can use return to supplier, may need to add receiving error
    • Add new Debit/Credit
      • Unit Cost – match PO
      • Quantity – quantity received in error
      • Reason – currently can use return to supplier, may need to add receiving error
      • Save, note the “Debit/Credit Reference” invoice number assigned. This is typically DMR#-Action#-Line
  • Forward the following information to Accounts Payable for clearing:
    • Debit/Credit Reference info
    • Packing Slip # and line
    • Purchase Order #, Line, and Release
  • Accounts Payable then:
    • Create an AP invoice group
    • Add a new invoice, use some type of indicator that you are fixing an internal process error versus an invoice coming from the supplier (EG PO######-Fix)
    • Add a new receipt line, select the packing slip provided.
    • Update invoice header variance to match the receipt
    • Actions Get | DMR Debit Memos
    • Verify the base total = 0 on the group header; this indicates the debit memo is offsetting the invoice
    • Run the edit list
    • Post the group
  • At this point the inventory and the goods received not invoiced transactions are correct. If an inventory adjustment was done prior to reflect an incorrect receipt, it would have to be reversed.